Sid's Drone Videos Dec-Mar 2022-24 Our Winter Winters in Southeast Wyoming are long and windy. Leaves are a distant memory and evergreens rule. The countryside gets quiet and even more empty of people than during the rest of the year. Venturing into its woods on cross-country skis or snowshoes, one may run into moose or elk. Shorter (3:00) version - More Snow for Carol Longer (5:12) version - Snow & Rocks Fall in Sherman Mountains October 2022+23 Wyoming's Sherman Mountains are the last northern gasp of the Front Range might, creating picturesque rocky woodlands between Laramie and Cheyenne, reaching elevations of 9,000 feet. For a few weeks every fall, they burst into a mosaic of evergreens and suddenly wildly colored deciduous trees and bushes. Instrumental With vocals June 2023 June at Snowy Range Here at 11,000 ft elevation in Medicine Bow National Forest, the spring had just begun. With snow retreating from the hills, blossoms open and marmots set up their regular guard duties. While tourists buzz up and down the finally clear road, access to most lakes remains snowed-in, and peace rules the back country. Big Boy 4014 June 2023 One of the two still functional largest steam engines in the world, which also happens to live in our city, embarks on a tour to Omaha, Nebraska, through some choice parts of eastern Wyoming, stopping along the way in small towns. May 2023 Carol's Camo Kayak This is the maiden voyage of our new floating menace on our nearest lake worth paddling on. Her brave captain conquers the wind-swept waters of the infamous Cliffhanger Bay and survives the rocky coast of Curt Gowdy State Park's prime spot. Burned-in Subtitles Subtitles Off Bent Rock, Colorado October 2022 A peculiar geological formation lay in the prairie of northern Colorado, right on Wyoming border. Variously colored sandstone, soapstone and chalk underwent some tumbling many millennia ago, leaving us with bizarre landscape unlike any other. July 2022 Mesa Falls, Idaho It is the 4th of July, a day suitable for celebration of the American West by visiting one of its many beautiful natural wonders. Extremely hard rhyolite resists, yet eventually succumbs to water erosion, but in the (very long) meantime, there is a waterfall for us. Instrumental With vocals Colorado Highway 14 June 2022 Before the tourists start flocking into the Rockies, while the snow is still melting in Cameron Pass and feeding rivers on both sides of the Front Range, we start at the lush low point in the valley near Walden, encounter rapids on upper Cache la Poudre River, and glimpse the majesty of snowy mountain peaks. Sep/Oct 2021 WY the Colors Toward the end of the "Road Construction Season", all the Wyoming's warning sign yellows, traffic cone oranges, and stop sign reds migrate to the woods, where they briefly illuminate aspens, birches and ashes into a riot in defiance of the oncoming frost. With vocals Instrumental Monument Rocks, Kansas September 2021 On a dirt road seventeen miles out from Highway 93, on a private property open to public, in 99°F (37°C) heat at the start of September, we find the only natural arch in Kansas, amidst slowly crumbling rock formations surviving their long past, when they were just another island in a vast inland ocean.  document Copyright © 2021-2024 by Sid Paral. All right reserved.